Frequently asked questions

A: The benefit of joining an angel group is that the collective experience of members benefits us all. We have open discussions about investment opportunities that range from economic development initiatives to target rates of return.  Thus, no specific prior experience is necessary, BUT you do have to have an understanding of investment risks, which we’ll discuss.

A: SCA just launched, and we are actively recruiting. We intend to have a core group of between 50 and 75 active members.

A: We will meet at least once per quarter, and will alternate meeting sites between El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM.

A: SCA is non-profit (currently in formation) with a fiscal agent relationship with the Paso del Norte Foundation.  SCA does not have a for-profit motivation, as we are an education non-profit set up to increase the knowledge base of regional investors.  SCA accepts members and donations, and these funds are used to defray the cost of organizing pitch events, and educational content as well as the administrative cost of managing a membership-based organization.

A: We capture this information to better curate an experience for busy professionals and to ensure our interest in supporting the region aligns.